Gen X Surpassing Boomers in Cosmetic Surgery

Posted On December 22, 2011

Although Baby Boomers are known as the “forever young” generation, Generation X has now surpassed them in seeking cosmetic surgery and other procedures that help maintain a youthful appearance. According to the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, Gen Xers (now aged 31-45) accounted for 43% of all aesthetic surgical procedures last year. Baby Boomers […]

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Millennials and Gen X Not Saving for Retirement

Posted On December 27, 2011

Despite the cautionary example of Baby Boomers who are barely scraping enough together to retire, Gen Xers and Millennials are falling behind in retirement savings, according to a report from Hewitt Associates. The report shows that younger generations are not setting aside enough for retirement even though, in surveys, they say they do not believe […]

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Boomers Funding Millennial Homeownership

Posted On December 2, 2011

At least 20% of Baby Boomers are helping their Millennial children or grandchildren realize the dream of homeownership, according to a Better Homes and Gardens survey. One in five Boomers surveyed had gifted, loaned, or co-signed in support of a Millennial’s purchase of a home. More than two-thirds expressed a desire to provide such support […]

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Millennials Are The New Slackers

Posted On December 8, 2011

Now that Xers have given up their generational title of “Slackers,” Millennials have picked up where they left off. Just last month, we noted that it’s now unfair to call Generation X “slackers”: studies show that they work hard and apply themselves in all aspects of life. But now a new survey of Millennials’ coworkers […]

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Generation X, Millennials Boosting Business Travel

Posted On December 13, 2011

Business travel is projected to rebound in 2012, with Millennial and Gen X business travelers leading the way. In a new Deloitte survey, 27% of Gen X and Millennials say they will travel more for business next year, nearly twice the percentage of Boomers and Matures who plan to take more trips. When traveling for […]

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80 Is The New 65

Posted On December 1, 2011

Wells Fargo’s 7th annual retirement survey, released this month, shows that an increasing number of Americans are planning to work beyond the traditional retirement age of 65. Three quarters of those surveyed, across all age groups, said they expected to continue to work past 65. Half of those expect to work out of necessity. 25% […]

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