Are we creating the standard of a poor work ethic?

Posted On October 28, 2015

Last time, we looked at the millennial backlash toward the “entitled” stereotype. In a recent column for, bestselling author and sales leadership consultant Lisa Earle McLeod argues that perhaps it’s not the millennials who need to adjust, but the workplace itself. Writing with her millennial daughter, cum laude Boston…

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A Sharp Stick in Your Eye. And My Eye, Too.

Posted On October 22, 2015

So apparently, millennials don’t like to be referred to as entitled. Los Angeles Times columnist Chris Erskine found out as much when he created a “millennial pledge” in a recent column. Framed as a list of action points “signifying a ceremonial crossing into adulthood,” the list hits on several themes…

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“Thanks, Captain Obvious.”

Posted On October 7, 2015

Some of my favorite commercials are the ads with Captain Obvious. When the hotel guest locks himself out of his room while wearing nothing but his underwear, Captain Obvious says: “Most people wear pants.” A quick read of a recent MarketWatch article on the biggest financial mistakes typically made by Generation…

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