Crowdsourcing? Yes, In Fact. For Me.

Posted On January 26, 2016

Again yesterday I had a request from an audience member for more information. More than a book, more than an article, she wanted to continue the dialogue I had started in my presentation. “Where can I keep up with this?” she asked. Another guy yesterday heard me last week on a radio broadcast in Buffalo […]

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Mr. Gorbachev, Tear Down Those Walls. But Ease In To It, Please.

Posted On January 25, 2016

We’ve written quite a bit in this space recently about adjustments in the workplace to appeal to millennials, who now make up the largest percentage of the workforce. But lest you think that just dumping the cubicles for couches and standing desks makes for an easy fix, heed the advice of Simon and Garfunkel: Slow […]

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The Gen X Manager – Need To Know…

Posted On January 14, 2016

You’ve by now read plenty of advice in this space on how to adjust to a millennial workplace. Millennials have surpassed Generation X as the largest generation in the workplace, and changes are being made to accommodate them as Gen X and Baby Boomer managers seek to retain the best and brightest among them. But […]

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Coach v Mentor? Hard to argue with that…

Posted On January 3, 2016

As a card-carrying member of Generation X who also participated in sports from elementary school on up through high school, I get a very clear picture in my head when someone uses the word “coach.” There is a whistle, a certain comically ugly style of beltless shorts, a lot of physical exertion and pain, and […]

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