Boomers as Workplace Loyalty Role Models? Hardly.

Posted On April 27, 2016

If you’re an employer you might worry about retaining workers, and the difficulties that high job turnover presents to your bottom line – such as the costs of finding and training new workers. Millennials, in particular, can’t hold down a steady job because they don’t know how to, and/or they…

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Should employers care what employees think?

Posted On April 17, 2016

I’ve written in recent months about the wisdom in moving slowly when modernizing a workplace with millennial touches, if one doesn’t want to alienate Generation X workers. One Gen-Xer’s experience, however, has been that some employers could care less about turning off employees. Dan Lyons went to work for a…

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Against the Freebies – VA Beach Official: “Move to Norfolk.” Amazing…

Posted On April 1, 2016

Unsure whether to convert your workplace to a more millennial-friendly space or avoid the expense and stick with the tried and true? Virginia Beach knows how you feel. According to a recent story in the Virginian-Pilot, efforts have been underway in the Hampton Roads, Va., area — which includes Virginia…

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