Are We Retirement Ready? Yes or No? And What To Do About It?

Posted On October 30, 2018

Conflicting accounts surface all the time regarding whether we as a nation are retirement ready or not. And whether our Social Security benefits will be there for us or not. And how much they’ll be, if anything. And what about inflation? And what is the responsibility of my kids to…

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Millennials are in marriage to win, not divorce

Posted On October 30, 2018

We Generation Xers and Baby Boomers are well attuned to what we perceive as millennial flaws. They’re not good with commitment, we believe. They don’t know how to overcome adversity. They expect things to be handed to them. They don’t do well when conditions in the workplace or in life…

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AL Public Radio – Keeping It Real – Middle Age, And What I’m Going To Do About It

Posted On October 26, 2018

Keeping It Real | Alabama Public Radio Broadcast date: 10/26/18 Click on image below to play:

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What’s New in the Beer Business (repeat)

Posted On October 22, 2018

Chris calls it “SKU”mageddon. So many different types of beer now available and necessary to keep today’s fickle consumers happy. Add to that the challenge of finding drivers, sales staff, and keeping up with the whims of the youngest generation of consumer and Chris is…busy. Check out this episode!

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AL Public Radio – Weekly Commentary – 10/19/18

Posted On October 22, 2018

Alabama Public Radio Commentary Air Date: October 19, 2018 Topic: Progress can be defined by how chickens get to your kitchen.  

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Unproductive meetings are a sign of an unproductive workplace

Posted On October 22, 2018

Who likes going to meetings? Not many of us would raise our hands in response to that question. Most of us see meetings as time that would be better spent actually getting some work done. But workplace consultant and executive coach Michael Nash says it doesn’t have to be that…

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Workplace Meetings: A Peek Into your Organization’s Soul

Posted On October 16, 2018

Michael Nash returns to the show to discuss how meetings can be used as a diagnosis of your organization. He can watch your meetings unfold and tell you what your company does well and what your company does poorly. They’re reflective of how your company is operating and what it…

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Have a child in an organized activity today and you’ll be assigned a day to bring the snacks.

Posted On October 14, 2018

Alabama Public Radio | Friday, October 12, 2018

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Lessons from a Green Beret: In the military or in business, building relationships is the key

Posted On October 14, 2018

We often use military metaphors when describing other things. We might call a hard-fought football game a “war,” or refer to a tough sale as a “battle.” But is there anything that the military can teach us about how we do business? Our guest in the latest episode of “What’s…

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An Army Green Beret Very Successfully Transfers into the Private Sector

Posted On October 9, 2018

Brad Israel served multiple tours in the US Army in Afghanistan. As a Green Beret, he saw his share of conflict and has trained and led his share of teams. He transferred into the private sector, bringing his unique military training to a real estate company. I ask him the…

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