Phil Smoker – Elkhart, Indiana – Historic Low Unemployment – and Making it all Work

Posted On December 31, 2018

Phil Smoker finds himself in a unique situation these days. The fifth generation to build Smoker Craft boats, Smoker has seen his company average about 20 percent growth since rebounding from the recession in 2010. He’s had to hire a lot of people to keep up with that growth. And…

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AL Public Radio – Keeping It Real – I’m Now Interviewing College Candidates…

Posted On December 28, 2018

Alabama Public Radio Keeping It Real I’m now interviewing college candidates…

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Are tariffs a good idea? One economist’s take

Posted On December 26, 2018

We all want to see the economy grow and create jobs. A favored method in the current U.S. administration’s efforts to accomplish this has been to use or threaten to use tariffs against foreign countries to level the playing field for American businesses. We’ve been told they will save American…

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Univ. of South Alabama Health System Chief Nursing Officer Lisa Mestas

Posted On December 26, 2018

Lisa Mestas is passionate about giving high quality care to her patients. She loves the systems that provide the care and loves the need to continually refine those systems to reflect the changing needs of her patients. Lisa came of age in a health system where it was common for…

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AL Public Radio – Keeping It Real – Christmas Ball Escalation

Posted On December 21, 2018

Keeping It Real – AL Public Radio – Broadcast Date 12/21/18 Christmas Ball Escalation in my Neighborhood

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AL Public Radio – Weekly Commentary – Keeping it Real – The Insidious Elf on the Shelf

Posted On December 14, 2018

Alabama Public Radio – Broadcast December 14, 2018 Cam Marston, Keeping It Real The Insidious Elf on the Shelf

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Yes, you can make a living selling popsicles. But it’s not easy.

Posted On December 12, 2018

So you want to be an entrepreneur, but don’t have that big, original idea that no one else has done? What about taking something that’s been done and putting your own twist on it, or simply doing it better? That’s what Octavio and Shannon Arzola did. Some people may have…

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Why do we quit our jobs? We all have our reasons, and they aren’t the same.

Posted On December 10, 2018

While millennials have developed a reputation for job-hopping, we have in the past noted statistics that show Baby Boomers quit their jobs at a similar pace when in their 20s as well. Dissatisfaction in the workplace is not specific to a generation. But why do we quit? And do those…

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Making Sense of the Crazy Stock Market and What It Means for Business in the South

Posted On December 10, 2018

Peter Ricchiuti is a funny guy. A normal guy. He’s intelligent and fun to be around. Strangely, he’s also an economist and teaches at Tulane University’s Freeman School of Business. I asked him to make heads or tails of today’s stock market and he offers some good insight into the…

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Co-Working Spaces – Where we Work vs. Where we Want to Work

Posted On December 9, 2018

What will the office of the future look like? Will it feature the open-concept floor plans that are the current rage? Are cubicles gone for good? Or will we even work in offices at all? The future isn’t easy to predict – if it was, sports books and insurance companies…

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