Still supporting your adult children? Join the club

Posted On January 10, 2019

Have you helped your adult children with a rent payment since they moved out on their own? Covered their insurance? Helped them pay down their bills or chipped in on a down-payment for a house or car? You’re far from alone. You’re actually in the majority. Nearly 80 percent of…

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Don’t know where you want to be in five years? If you’re a job-seeker, find an answer

Posted On January 9, 2019

The modern workforce is changing. It only makes sense that modern interviewing methods should change too. Common queries about educational background and job skills are being replaced or augmented with behavioral questions designed to determine whether an applicant is a good fit for the company: Can you tell me about…

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Communication Styles – Men v Women – THIS WILL CHANGE YOUR LIFE

Posted On January 7, 2019

AL Public Radio – Keeping It Real Communication styles of men v women.

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USA’s PREP Program is readying students for the Soft Skills of the Workplace

Posted On January 7, 2019

Handshakes matter. So does eye contact. So does body language. Historically there have not been courses that teach these non-academic workplace necessities. The University of South Alabama’s Mitchell College of Business is changing that through their PREP program. Everything from how to answer “what’s your five year plan,” to how…

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Today’s iGen teenagers may be better equipped for the world than we think

Posted On January 7, 2019

You’ve seen the students from Florida’s Marjory Stoneman Douglas High on TV since the terrible shooting at their school last spring. Regardless of what you think of the stance they’ve taken on gun control, it’s difficult not to admire the initiative these teenagers have shown in organizing the #NeverAgain movement…

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There are still some human qualities and tasks that technology can’t replace

Posted On January 2, 2019

Advances in technology are affecting, and in many cases disrupting, pretty much every industry. We all rely on computers now in some form or other, and digital tools and automation are transforming the way we do business while performing many jobs once held by humans. What about nursing? We always…

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