Brent Barkin, President Shoe Station – Catching Up Again During Covid

Posted On May 25, 2020

Our first chat with Brent Barkin was good enough that we needed more time with him AND we wanted to hear how he was responding to Covid amongst is 20-ish stores across the southeast. We learn Brent gives each store a lot of autonomy on when to reopen and how…

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What’s Working Special Edition – Live Broadcast – 05 21 20

Posted On May 21, 2020

Dr Susan Hassig, Ph.D. – Tulane School of Public Health and Tropical Medicine – Fact and Fiction of Covid-19. Lane Zirlott – Murder Point Oysters – “We’re growing!” Check out this episode!

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What’s Working Special Edition – 5 19 20 – Live Broadcast

Posted On May 19, 2020

Brian Hamilton – Brian Hamilton Foundation – The entrepreneur’s mindset in times of Covid. David Zach – Futurist – Discovering the enduring truths that will guide your business forward. Matt Armbruster – Ransom Ministries – Words of encouragement. Check out this episode!

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Josh Davison and Davison Fuels: The Downstream Oil Business

Posted On May 18, 2020

Josh Davison knows the oil business. While Davison Fuels focuses on the last part of oil production – getting it to the consumer – the whole process influences his work and his product. Josh explains why oil prices are so low and why oil companies were paying people to take…

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What’s Working Special Edition – Live Broadcast – 5 14 20

Posted On May 14, 2020

Buff Teague – Managing Director of JLL for Gulf Coast – Potential for huge surpluses of office and retail space soon due to work from home catching on and retail going out of business? Brad Burton – President – Cadence 120 Bicycles – Sales of new and used bikes surging…

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What’s Working Special Edition – Live Broadcast – 05 12 20

Posted On May 12, 2020

Troy Hazard – Author & Host – Moving business forward in the time of crisis. Jeff Zeiders & Dave Imber – – good ideas for securing customers in times of Covid.  Trey Oliver – Warden, Metro Jail – Watching for burnout and being self-aware in high stress environments. Check…

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Fishing Chaos: Bringing Order to So Much More than Fishing

Posted On May 11, 2020

John Calagaz took his hobby to the next level when he started applying his technology expertise to the wide world of fishing. He’s organized it though apps, patents, and soon, a piece of hardware for your boat. They’ve created a way to compete in fishing tournaments remotely, using photos and…

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What’s Working Special Edition – Live Show – 05 07 20

Posted On May 7, 2020

Laura Stack – The Productivity Pro – Repurposing old products for new audiences. Getting busy now. Nichole Patrick – Roberts Bros Realtors – Surprising number of home sales in times of Covid. Boom & Zoom – Matt LeMond & Luke Peavy – Creative videos to bring attention to their O’Daly’s…

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What’s Working Special Edition – 05 05 20 – Live Broadcast

Posted On May 5, 2020

Dan Coughlin – The Coughlin Company – Strategic Planning in times of uncertainty. Step by step advice. Liz Freeman – Long’s Human Resources – Temporary Staffing – who needs what out there today. Is her company a leading economic indicator? Joe Toomey – Principal, Murphy High School – Motivation and…

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Mary Beth Greene – Buyers told her what they wanted and she got busy

Posted On May 4, 2020

When Mary Beth visited market, buyers told her what they wanted. She listened, dummied up some bags using paper and tape, and about a year later had 17,000 of her creations in storage around Fairhope, Alabama after the container arrived from China. It was Go Time. Today her bags and…

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