Gregory Robinson Talks Ipe – a Hardwood Famous for its Hurricane Resilience

Posted On February 22, 2021

Ipe (pronounced EEE-pay) is known for its weight and density. It sinks. Used as waterfront decking, it survives the storms. Southern pine – the most popular decking material – floats, its buoyancy pulling it upward in a flood, tearing it from its attachments. Ipe suffers none of this, explaining the…

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Thom Shea – retired Navy Seal – now coaches execs to be the best version of themselves

Posted On February 15, 2021

Thom Shea asks his clients and his audiences what is the single thing that prevents them from being the best versions of themselves. Their answer, by a landslide, is drama. Drama in the workplace. Drama in the home. Drama with their kids and with their spouse. So Thom coaches them…

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Adam Heisler Teaches Non-Traditional Baseball Skills in a City Steeped in Baseball Tradition

Posted On February 8, 2021

Adam Heisler uses technology to teach his students how to hit a baseball. The term “launch angle” is taboo in certain circles, but Adam stands behind the technology, the research supporting it and, most importantly, his student’s improved at bats. He talks about how he’s gone against the headwinds of…

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Louise McCown and Cliff Kennedy – Forty Under Forty Winners

Posted On February 1, 2021

Louise McCown and Cliff Kennedy are 2021 Forty Under Forty Winners from Mobile Bay Monthly’s annual tribute. Both lead impressive organizations and, at a young age, have impressive resumés. We talk about the lessons they’d give their younger selves and what those of us over fifty should know about the…

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