REPLAY: Thom Shea – Retired Navy Seal – Now an Executive Coach

Posted On March 29, 2021

Thom Shea asks what is the single thing that prevents people from being the best versions of themselves. Their answer, by a landslide, is drama. Drama in the workplace. Drama in the home. Drama with their kids and with their spouse. So Thom coaches them to deal with drama so…

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Amy Morin – Thirteen Things Mentally Strong People DON’T Do

Posted On March 22, 2021

Amy Morin, in a time of great difficulty, jotted down a list of mental attributes that she, as a counselor, knew she should avoid. That list became a blog post and that blog post went viral. Today she’s written four books on the topic of mental strength, is in demand…

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Huk and Nomad Brand Outdoor Performance Apparel – Josh Reed Spotted an Underserved Market

Posted On March 15, 2021

Josh Reed tried to convince his employer that fishermen wanted high-dollar performance clothing and they wanted access to it year around, not only in the summer. Frustrated with his employer’s dismissive reply, Josh gathered partners and backers and they began Huk Performance Fishing Apparel. Since then they’ve added Nomad Outdoor…

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Craft Liquor – Competing for the Massive Millennial Market – Bob Angus of Standard Proof Whiskey

Posted On March 8, 2021

Over thirty percent of all whiskey is consumed by the Millennials. Bob Angus runs Standard Proof Whiskey in Nashville and is gaining customers in this coveted consumer group by developing craft rye whiskeys with innovative expressions designed to catch their attention. I’ve tried a couple and they’re GOOD. We get…

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From Mass Cancellations to Record Setting Reservations – Brian Harris of Harris Properties Management

Posted On March 1, 2021

Brian Harris run Harris Properties in Gulf Shores. He rents homes to the vacation market as well as buys and sells vacation homes all in the Gulf Shores, Alabama area. When Covid hit the cancellations flooded in. Brian found ways to not only continue, but found innovative ways to keeps…

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