The High Pressure Job of Health and Safety Supervisor on a Major Motion Picture

Posted On October 24, 2021

It’s a rare workplace where one person getting Covid shuts down the entire operation. But that’s life on the set of a motion picture. Emily O’Banion is in charge of preventing the spread of any illness on the set. She, along with local testing provider and support, David Lane of…

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T. Bruce MacKinnon Teaches Us how to Dominate a Niche Market

Posted On October 18, 2021

T. Bruce MacKinnon is the President of Elevator World, Inc. With offices across the globe, the HQ is in Mobile, Alabama where their team puts out several publications throughout the year focusing on the elevator industry. While the business of elevators is certainly interesting, what MacKinnon offers in our conversation is…

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Author Stephen Cope Discusses Discovering the Great Work of Your Life

Posted On October 11, 2021

I have not been stirred by a book or a message like the one I discovered reading author Stephen Cope’s book The Great Work of Your Life. Many of my colleagues today search for work that provides meaning and purpose as they navigate the final third of their working career,…

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Chuck Thuss makes Compassionate Connections with Athletes in Transition

Posted On October 4, 2021

Chuck Thuss’ career as a hockey goalie surged at Miami (Ohio) and then in the minor leagues, including a stint at the Mobile Mystics. When it all ended, Chuck struggled to find purpose – a common struggle of athletes at the end of their playing days. Today Chuck co-hosts a…

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