The Work Life of Two NYC Ballet Corps Members – Mobilians Olivia and Mary Thomas MacKinnon

Posted On December 27, 2021

Olivia and Mary Thomas MacKinnon have known since a very young age that they wanted to dance professionally at the highest level their talent would allow. Today they’re members of the corps at the New York City Ballet where I chat with them them prior to their nightly holiday performance of…

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The Annual Gratitude Show

Posted On December 23, 2021

Michael Ledger runs Mobile’s Feeding the Gulf Coast food bank. Kelly Qualls is the VP of Programs for Big Brothers Big Sisters of South Alabama. Both talk about their programs, what they need from their communities to make them successful, and what their future looks like. Then What’s Working producer…

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Mobilian Gabriella Saab’s First Novel is a Break Through Hit. Learn How She Did It.

Posted On December 6, 2021

Gabriella Saab‘s first novel is a smash hit. Her publisher, Harper Collins, thinks so, too, and is prioritizing its publicity. Reviewers are gushing. It’s now in many different languages and is featured in book clubs worldwide. Called The Last Checkmate, the book features a female protagonist, historical fiction, and the…

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Forester Charles Taylor Explains Carbon Offset Credits, the Need for New Forestry Talent, and Who’s Making Money and How

Posted On December 2, 2021

Forester Charles Taylor must keep up with the trends shaping the forestry business today. That includes carbon offset credits, the need for new talent and skilled workers, and the challenges of finding loggers and drivers. Forestry is a HUGE industry in Alabama and this is an important conversation. Check out…

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