Alabama Secretary of Labor Fitzgerald Washington Discusses How and Where to find Workers Today

Posted On January 17, 2022

When the Alabama economy was soaring in February of 2020, the state’s unemployment rate was very low. Today, though the pandemic and government assistance, it’s nearly as low as it was then. What are employers who desperate need workers doing to find people? Where are the workers? Alabama Secretary of…

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Billy Duren of Threaded Fasteners Talks ESOP, Culture & Growth

Posted On January 10, 2022

Threaded Fastener’s culture is a retention tool. Billy Duren is the company president and Chief Motivational Officer. When asked about the company, Billy spends more time describing the culture than the products. Hear how the former company leaders chose an ESOP for the company as they retired and how Billy…

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Stephen Fitzgerald’s Company, Per His Customers, is an “Ethos” – That’s BIG.

Posted On January 3, 2022

Episode 200!! WooooHoooo!! Stephen Fitzgerald gave up an enviable career to pursue a passion that began with him building the mountain / gravel bike he always wanted but couldn’t find. That passion led to him making bikes for others. Word got out. People showed up. His customers became advocates and…

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