David Steele of Monroe Meats and Their Fantastic Monroe Sausage

Posted On April 25, 2022

Hurricane Ivan wiped out Beatrice, Alabama’s Monroe Meats but a small team of investors brought it back. Their flagship product is Monroe Sausage and it is fantastic. Hear managing partner David Steele tell the story of the company and of today’s surging growth. And, heck, go find some and try it…

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Solar Technology Continues to Advance: A Conversation with Eagle Solar and Light’s CEO Sam Yates

Posted On April 18, 2022

Solar technology continues to advance. More energy can be gained from a solar panel than ever before. And the panel’s are lasting longer than ever. Sam Yates sees huge opportunity in Alabama because of abundant sunshine and the fact that the state lags behind neighboring states in deploying solar technology….

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Economic Update with Economist Peter Ricchiuti

Posted On April 11, 2022

This week my favorite economist in all the land returns to address the status of the world today. Tulane’s Peter Ricchiuti makes predictions for inflation, addresses rumors I’ve heard about corporate bankruptcies, and addresses what the government’s huge infusion of cash post Covid may do to us. He also updates…

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The Gen X Manager – A challenge across all generations.

Posted On April 6, 2022

Lots of folks struggle with their leadership style. Stephanie Constantine is an HR consultant who has worked with Gen X managers to coach them to be better leaders.Check out this episode!

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Coastal Growers: 197 Farmers Share Ownership in The Nation’s Newest Peanut Shelling Facility

Posted On April 4, 2022

Farmers from Mississippi, Georgia, and Alabama bring their peanuts to Atmore, Alabama and sell them to Coastal Growers, LLC run by Dirk Lindsey. Dirk’s been in the peanut industry for a long time, traveling the world consulting on growing, harvesting, and shelling peanuts. He now makes his home in Alabama…

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