Senior Designer

Mark Johnson has worked as design consultant for Generational Insights since 2008. Mark has over two decades experience as a professional designer as well as a degree in graphic design. Since graduating from the University of South Alabama, he has worked as a freelance or senior staff designer for McCann Erickson, Resolution Advertising, Material Handling Illustrated, and Entertainment Cruises and has produced designs for clients such as the New York Philharmonic, the New York City Ballet, the March of Dimes, ReMax, Microsoft, and Aveda, among many others.By the time he received his degree, Mark had received numerous awards for artistic achievements including first and second prizes as well as a Best in Show for senior exhibit. He embarked upon a successful freelance design career in New York, which he continues today from Chicago. He has also worked in staff and senior positions at ad agencies, a trade publication, and for a travel and tourism firm. In his work for Generational Insights, from simple postcards to book covers and even the Generational Insights website, Mark ensures that the integrity of the Generational Insights visual identity is upheld from project to project. Mark was born and raised in Mobile, Alabama. He attended grade school, high school and college all in Mobile. He holds a bachelor of arts in graphic design from the University of South Alabama. To see more of Mark’s work, or to contact him, visit his web site at: