Bill-E Stitt Makes the World’s Best Bacon in Fairhope, Alabama

Posted On May 3, 2021

Bill E Stitt begin experimenting with curing his own bacon in college at Ole Miss. It made him plenty of friends – how could it not? Now his bacon is shipped across the country to the nation’s most demanding bacon palettes. His process is a closely guarded secret but does involve the meat being serenaded by local musicians. Don’t roll your eyes until you’ve tried it, then be prepared to be disappointed with anything less for the remainder of your life.

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4 thoughts on “Bill-E Stitt Makes the World’s Best Bacon in Fairhope, Alabama”

  1. Really enjoyed your podcast. It’s the first time I’ve listen to you. I learned a lot about Billy Stitt. All great stuff . Thank u

  2. George Davis says:

    This is great. Bill E., aside from just being a great guy, has a vision that he pursue with the zeal of true entrepreneurs. Not to mention the best bacon on the market. Kudos.

  3. Tim Finnamore says:

    Great interview. I love William and his bacon.

  4. As an observer of Life -“People, Places, Entertainment, and Values of Preference” The best part of it is finding a few others, like you (Cam & William Stitt) and being able to enjoy the EXPERIENCE of knowing and fully engaging one’s self into that CREATIVITY! Yes! That was a mouthful or eye full of adjectives and explained dialogue but I feel that you “GET IT” Paul Harvey would be proud to know you and your talent of bringing listeners into your world. Thanks

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