Digital Branding for Millennials

Posted On August 3, 2011

Marketers and businesses trying to reach Millennials know by now that the generation they seek lives in a digital world. If you want to be noticed by Millennials, you must reach them where they are: online, social networks, email, instant messaging, etc. However, connecting with Millennials on their turf has…

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Boomers Click Through Online Ads – Millennials Do Not

Posted On October 11, 2011

Have you ever noticed a blinking or dancing ad to the side of the web page you were reading and wondered, “Who clicks on that?” Now we have an answer, at least a generational one. According to a recent JustAsk! survey, older Baby Boomers and Matures are the most likely…

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The Video Generation

Posted On August 29, 2011

Many in Generation X grew up in households with multiple TVs. They were the first generation to grow up with VCRs, DVDs, cable, and personal computers, as well. So it should come as no surprise that Gen Xers still lead the way when it comes to the consumption of video…

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Millennials to Loyalty Programs: Fast, Free and Easy

Posted On October 13, 2011

Millennials love free stuff. The Napster Generation is accustomed to getting a lot of what it wants for free online. And that attraction to freebies is proving to be boon among Millennials for loyalty and rewards programs that appeal to it. According to an Aimia survey, Millennials are more likely…

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Boomers Spending Online

Posted On November 10, 2011

Since the beginning of Internet commerce up until a year or so ago, members of Generation X have led the way in buying things online with Millennials not far behind. Older generations, even as they warmed to the Internet, were not as trusting or as eager consumers online as the…

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