iGen wants, more than anything, to be unique.

Posted On June 12, 2017

We’re all concerned about finding out what millennials want, and with good reason. They are the largest segment of the workforce and the largest segment of consumers. But it would also be wise to have an eye focused on what’s coming behind them. Some call them Generation Z, or iGen,…

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iGen, Education Trends, & and the Changing World of Work

Posted On December 6, 2016

(Today’s blog comes from our go-to demographer Gerald Bierling. I’ve asked Gerald to gather content on the generation following the Millennials – often called the Plurals or Gen Z, I prefer the term iGen – and afterwards, summarize some of it regarding the workplace.) by Gerald Bierling A lot is…

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“Stop doing their homework.”

Posted On November 24, 2015

I was reading a Washington Post piece recently about helicopter parenting recently when a line in the story stopped me in my tracks. At the end of a short list of easy-to-use tests to determine whether you are a helicopter parent was the admonition: “Stop doing their homework.” Parents are…

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Don’t look now, Generation Z is coming

Posted On January 29, 2015

Just when you think you’ve figured out how to handle the shifting perspectives and expectations of the Millennials (aka Generation Y), the next generation is nipping at their heels. The good news for most employers is that they aren’t quite ready to enter the workforce, but they are becoming a…

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Is Generation Z bigotry-proof?

Posted On January 8, 2015

Youthful idealism. Every generation has been accused of it, but a recent commentary by Bloomsberg View contributor Leonid Bershidsky suggests that for Generation Z (or iGeneration – born after 2000) this may be a lasting state. He writes “Gen Z may be different in being genuinely bigotry-proof. It may be…

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Frustrated by a lack of initiative from young employees? Blame the rubric.

Posted On August 12, 2014

One of the recurring themes in my discussions about working with Millennials is that you can’t hold them accountable for what they don’t know they should do. And one of the frequent counterarguments is that they need to think for themselves, show a little initiative. A college professor recently shared…

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Can early financial literacy indicate future success? If so, look out.

Posted On July 24, 2014

According to an international report on financial literacy, recently released by the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development, today’s teens are ill-equipped to make much more than basic spending decisions. And this could be a problem. Financial planning demands are increasingly complicated. While Matures, and to some extent Boomers, were…

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Overheard at Wendy’s…

Posted On May 22, 2014

Child:       May I please have a double cheeseburger, fries, a coke and a vanilla frosty. Mom:      And he only wants ketchup on that burger. I’ll have… Child:       (sigh) I am 13. Mom:      So? Child:       So, I can order for myself. Mom:      Except you didn’t. You forgot to tell them how…

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Ready or not, here they come…

Posted On May 13, 2014

iGeneration. Yes, they are only just entering their teen years, but if time is flying as fast in your house as it is in mine, you’ll agree that this generation is just around the corner and headed soon to a workplace near you.  What are they going to bring the…

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