Andy MacDonald: The Art and Business of Music

Posted On November 16, 2020

Andy MacDonald owns Picker’s Paradise in Stockton, Alabama. Musicians from all around know of the store and the jam sessions that occur there. Has Corona shut him down? Not at all. Aspiring musicians, with time on their hands, have shown up to get lessons, upgrade their skills, and get new…

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Knox Boteler Talks about How the Little Guy can Take on the Big Corporations

Posted On November 9, 2020

Knox Boteler knows how to protect the little guy when he’s bought a defective product and can’t get the major corporate manufacturer to take responsibility. Document everything, save receipts, and when all else fails, post to social media. Knox takes us through how the world of consumer protections are changing…

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Josh Duplantis – Working On Tomorrow’s (and Today’s!) Workforce

Posted On November 2, 2020

Pandemic + hurricanes + huge numbers of jobs available equals… what? No one is quite sure. Josh Duplantis isn’t waiting, though. He’s working to train the next generation in his role as Dean of Workforce Development for Coastal Alabama Community College. Check out this episode!

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REPLAY: Lane Zirlott and Murder Point Oysters

Posted On October 26, 2020

Lane Zirlott remains one of our favorites and fall means oysters to us so we’re replaying Lane’s interview. We can’t get enough of him.  Check out this episode!

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Victory Health Partner’s Mission: Service plus Excellent Healthcare

Posted On October 19, 2020

On a mission trip providing medical care, Dr Robert Lightfoot felt a stirring inside that he couldn’t deny and returned to Mobile, Alabama with the intent to provide healthcare to a marginalized community that needed it the most. In 2019 it totaled nearly 20,000 patient encounters and nearly $40M in…

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Turning Invasive Nutria Into Dog Food – The Fantastic Story of Marsh Dog Pet Treats

Posted On October 12, 2020

Hansel Harlan was reading newspaper stories of the devastation caused by an invasive species of water rodent about the same time his dog became allergic to the store-bought dog food. Harlan put one and one together and with help from his marketing genius sister, Marsh Dog Pet Treats was born. …

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John Grado – Innovating for Sound Quality for the Most Discerning Customers

Posted On October 5, 2020

Started by his uncle, John Grado now runs the family business that manufactures some of the industry’s highest performing headphones, ear buds, and phonograph cartridges. They’ve never advertised, relying only on word of mouth and professional reviews to tell their story. Each item is hand made in the same Brooklyn…

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Bruce Tulgan’s New Book: The Art of Being Indispensable at Work

Posted On September 28, 2020

Bruce’s new book offers insight from the hundreds of surveys he’s conducted on the workplace. His conclusions are drawn from conversations with workplace leaders across the country. And he easily and comfortably relays the attributes one needs to become a go-to person in their workplace.  Check out this episode!

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Silver Ships – Aluminum Workboats with a Backlog of Orders

Posted On September 14, 2020

Steven Clarke offered his step-father some help when he returned home for vacation one Christmas. In a little time, he was running the business. He started by applying some business fundamentals to the company’s processes and then building orders. Today their clients include the US Corps of Engineers, the US…

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Bill Rau – Third Generation Leader of World Famous M.S. Rau Antiques in New Orleans

Posted On September 7, 2020

Located on Royal Street in New Orlean’s historic French Quarter, M.S. Rau Antiques sells everything from priceless gems to meteorites to cave bear skeletons to original Picassos. Bill Rau’s workday has him moving among some of the world’s most precious items but this self-described merchant has been taught to collect,…

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