Tony Award Winning Actor Frank Wood on Quickly Creating High Performing Teams

Posted On August 2, 2021

You’ve seen Frank Wood on TV or on the movie screen or on a Broadway stage. He’s busy with his craft. And the process he and a cast go through as they take on a new play is the epitome of how to form a high-performing team. It involves listening…

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REPLAY: Bill E Stitt Makes the Best Bacon in the Entire World

Posted On July 26, 2021

Bill-E Stitt impressed us with his bacon when we first met him. Now after sampling his bacon and hearing his story and getting to know the legend that is Bill E Stitt, we can’t get enough of him or his product. Seldom do we interact with anything that is the…

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Taking The Macallan Scotch Whiskey to the Next Generation

Posted On July 18, 2021

Based in Los Angeles, Kieron Elliot is national brand ambassador for the Macallan Scotch Whiskey in the US. We discuss the Macallan’s strategy for introducing a whiskey typically preferred by older, white, affluent males to the next generation. Kieron tells me their customer is already much more diverse than I’m…

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The Hidden, Undiscussed Crisis of Boys: Educator Blair Fisher Discusses a Growing Concern

Posted On July 12, 2021

The overwhelming underperformance of boys in academics has slowly been revealing itself for years and now the data shows the depth of it. The impact ranges from the future of eduction, performance in the workplace, to the competitiveness of the United States. Blair Fisher is an educator and head of…

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Mobilian BJ Scott Understands Personal Branding. It’s Key to Managing her Fame in Europe

Posted On July 5, 2021

South Alabama remains just under the surface of Beverly Jo (BJ) Scott. Born and raised near Mobile, BJ is now famous in Belgium with her face on billboards and on the sides of busses. Her celebrity comes from her remarkable talent as a singer-songwriter, her own radio and TV show,…

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Josh Reed of Huk Brand Fishing Gear – REPLAY

Posted On June 28, 2021

Josh Reed has a fantastic story to tell about the birth of Huk Gear, the fishing apparel company he began with his partners not too long ago. They’ve exploded with success due to ID’ing an underserved market, putting a team together, and letting them do their work. And I can…

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John Hoyle Leads Elite Students at Alabama’s School for Math and Sciences in Mobile

Posted On June 21, 2021

John Hoyle leads the Alabama School for Math and Sciences in Mobile. The students there are exceptional – wanting to be pushed and stretched to become the best they can be. The faculty, per John, is the best in the state. The students come from across Alabama and are encouraged…

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High-End Home Theater Equipment Trends: Stagnant then Skyrocket

Posted On June 14, 2021

David Stollmack was worried that his inventory wouldn’t move ever again in March and April of last year. Then he started worrying that he couldn’t find enough equipment to sell. His business boomed once people realized that quarantine meant lots of at-home TV time. David’s years of experience taught him…

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Carla Williams Wouldn’t Let Her Dreams Die. Now She’s Poised for a Huge Album Release

Posted On June 7, 2021

Carla Williams wanted to be a country music singer from the beginning. She had to put her dreams on hold to raise four kids and grow a successful business. Now she’s back at it and her forthcoming album is a tribute to Karen Carpenter and includes a who’s who of the Nashville music…

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Managing a Prestigious Hawaiian Resort – A Conversation with Charles Head of Fairmont Hotels

Posted On May 31, 2021

Charles Head has climbed the ranks of Fairmont Hotels to land at the Fairmont Orchid in Hawaii where he leads a big team who delivers exceptional service to the guests. Charles’ team – he calls them his “ohana” which roughly translates to “family” – is selected to work at the Fairmont…

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