LC May – Brand Ambassador for Clyde May’s Alabama Style Whiskey

Posted On January 12, 2020

Clyde May was never without a still somewhere in the woods of Bullock Country, Alabama. His special Christmas offering, which he only sold to family and friends, was flavored with apple slices and aged in oak barrels. Today Clyde May’s Alabama Style Whiskey is sold in all 50 states and is represented by his grandson, […]

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The Yard Milkshake Bar – Beautiful Treats, Huge Growth, and a Shark Tank Deal

Posted On January 5, 2020

One would think a milkshake that runs upwards of $10 would have a very limited market. Not true. Begun in Gulf Shores, Chelsea and Logan Green have discovered a robust market for their magnificent creations and are now operating several stores with plans in the works for franchise operations. And the cherry on the top […]

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Gratitude: An Exploration of Post Traumatic Growth

Posted On December 19, 2019

Dr. Tal Ben-Shahar, PhD is a professor at Columbia University and has a book called Happier in which he explores the topic of gratitude and how exhibiting gratitude makes you more grateful. It’s an upward spiral, he says. Following Dr. Ben-Shahar we meet Stephanie Anderton and Rob Stuardi, both of Mobile, who experienced significant illnesses […]

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Joel Sartore, leader of National Geographic’s Photo Ark, is Doing Work that Matters

Posted On December 9, 2019

Joel Sartore has grand ambitions. Photographing every animal in human captivity requires exhausting travel to the four corners of the earth. But he’s on a mission to catalog these creatures, great and small, for human posterity. He’s lived most of his life with a camera in his hands and his eye for backgrounds, expressions, and […]

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Joel Salatin’s Returned to the Roots of Farming to Great Success

Posted On December 2, 2019

Joel Salatin took a ragged and depleted farm in Virginia and returned it to a producing plot of land. His methods were very simple yet innovative in today’s farming culture: he studied what nature was already doing and followed its lead. Along the way, Joel learned some marketing skills, gave speeches, wrote articles and books, […]

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Scott Tripoli – General Manager of Point Clear’s Iconic Grand Hotel

Posted On November 25, 2019

Scott Tripoli had to have the GM job at the 1000 room Hilton in Orlando to qualify for his current role as General Manager at the 400 room Grand Hotel in Pt Clear, Alabama. The high quality of guest expectations at the hotel can only be met by someone who has experienced the pressure cooker […]

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Jeff Brinson is a Professional Sales Coach and Teaches his Clients to Rethink Sales

Posted On November 18, 2019

Jeff Brinson began selling books door to door for the Southwestern Company while he was a college student. It’s tough work, teaching him perseverance and how to overcome lots of rejection. He excelled at the work and today teaches sales managers and sales teams about the right frame of mind to tackle sales. His instruction […]

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Innovation and Entrepreneurship via Univ of South Alabama’s I-Corps

Posted On November 12, 2019

Drs Michael Chambers and Andrew Byrd know the questions to ask, the people to talk to, and the processes to explore to get your business idea or invention started. They work with individuals and companies that are trying to break through and offer coaching, feedback, and introductions. If it’s going to fail, they want it […]

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What’s Working? CBD is Working.

Posted On November 12, 2019

Joe Brown owns Your CBD Store of West Mobile. Dr Jan Roberts teaches at the NYU Silver School of Social Work and has a weekly podcast called New Hemp Times. Between the two of them, they know the chemical composition of CBD, how the body reacts to it, and to manage expectations about what it […]

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Bowden Sarrett – Travel Agencies Remain Alive and Well and Worth Their Weight in Gold

Posted On October 28, 2019

The internet has not destroyed travel agencies. In fact, the internet has given travelers so much information, so many choices, that many travelers want someone to hand craft their vacation for them. Bowden Sarrett and her team at Brownell Travel will do just that. Their exclusive process called Discover More asks customers questions designed to […]

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