Brexit to the Millennials – Uppercut to the Jaw

Posted On July 26, 2016

When Great Britain voted to leave the European Union last month, an issue known globally by the mashup term Brexit, generational politics and preferences played a huge role in the result. Younger people voted overwhelmingly to stay in the EU, while older voters largely opted out. According to polling cited…

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Middle Child Syndrome of Gen X

Posted On June 29, 2016

“Marsha, Marsha, Marsha!” Most Generation Xers know exactly where that phrase came from and who said it – Jan Brady on the Brady Bunch. With her whiny lament for attention and jealousy of her sisters, Jan came to be a symbol of the archetypal middle child. In the generational household,…

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Gen X – a financial conundrum

Posted On September 30, 2014

For years we’ve been talking about how Gen X is going to be the first generation that is not expected to be better off that its parents. Sometimes Gen X is given a slightly better chance and that dubious honor is bestowed on the Millennials.  Either way, the trickle down…

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Can early financial literacy indicate future success? If so, look out.

Posted On July 24, 2014

According to an international report on financial literacy, recently released by the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development, today’s teens are ill-equipped to make much more than basic spending decisions. And this could be a problem. Financial planning demands are increasingly complicated. While Matures, and to some extent Boomers, were…

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Millennials, Gen Xers Most Concerned about Spending, Saving, and Investing

Posted On February 20, 2013

The two youngest generations, Millennials and Generation X, are the ones most concerned about their spending, saving, and investing, according to a TD Canada Trust survey.  In contrast, 80% of Boomers feel they are managing their money well, even if 56% feel they don’t have enough of it. Millennials are…

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Wealthier Boomers Want More Advice

Posted On February 7, 2013

The wealthier the Baby Boomer, the more likely he or she will seek financial advice, according to an analysis by Millionaire Corner. Meanwhile, middle income or “Mass Affluent” (net worth between $100K and $1M) are more likely to self direct their finances. Only a quarter high net worth Boomers (>$5M)…

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Generational Wealth Transfer – Update

Posted On July 27, 2012

At the turn of the century, economists estimated that about $41 trillion in wealth would change hands from one generation to another by the middle of the century. Now, a couple of new studies help clarify which generations will be inheriting how much. For starters, according to a MetLife study,…

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