— Adam Crowson
CEO North America
We put on 21 conferences each year and Cam Marston was certainly top tier among the dozens of presenters we utilize to build our programs. His content is convincing and his attitude is extremely positive and collaborative. Cam’s presentation was a highlight of the conference.

Geneva Group International (GGI)

About the client

Geneva Group International (GGI) is a worldwide alliance of well-established and experienced accounting, consulting and law firms that are committed to providing clients with specialist solutions for their international business requirements. The alliance, which enables local firms to act globally without losing their independence, is consistently ranked amongst the top ten associations worldwide.

Business need

GGI’s 480-plus member firms represent an array of expertise and specific disciplines. When preparing conference programming for a diverse but related audience, the alliance seeks topics and presenters that will appeal to a range of interests. GGI recognized its members’ growing concern over a lack of strong managing partner candidates—younger generations simply didn’t seem as interested in pursuing the partner track. To help shed some light on this unsettling trend, the alliance decided to make generational perspectives a keynote for its North America Regional Conference, which attracts approximately 100 business leaders from the region as well as worldwide members looking to do business in North America. CEO Adam Crowson came across Cam Marston’s presentation clips on YouTube and believed the content, and Cam’s demeanor, would resonate with GGI members.

Cam presented the keynote at the annual conference, providing insights, anecdotes and hard numbers that provided a world view, not just a U.S. or Western bias. His distinct combination of fact and story appealed to the analytical nature of the lawyers and accountants in attendance, helping convince them that it is not just personality, younger generations are often taking a non-traditional approach to work…even in typically traditional professions. With that understanding in place, Cam opened the floor for questions. A lively Q&A session followed, where Cam was able to provide more tactical suggestions to put in use once the conference was over.

Insight and impact

Cam offered GGI’s members important insight on how to connect with the next generation of managing partner, a critical business succession issue for today’s professional services firms. His session provided a strong backdrop to support a new young professionals forum at the conference, which GGI created to help young professionals better envision the professional road ahead. Following Cam’s presentation, Boomers who were initially skeptical of this new forum better understood how and why the younger generations would want to be involved. For the remainder of the conference members were talking about the generational insights gleaned from Cam’s keynote.