MATT PEAT - president of the MLA
Using Cam as our event moderator and and facilitator has been a great move for our annual meeting. Cam effectively communicated with each speaker prior to the event about who we are and had them bring that element into their presentations. He elegantly kept the flow during Q&A time and in and out of breaks. He also openly spent time with our group before and during meetings, bringing a true feeling of friendship and camaraderie. As the current president of the organization and past conference chair, he definitely took a weight o our shoulders, allowing us to be part of the event and not worry about the flow. Thanks Cam!

Marine Leadership Alliance


The Marine Leadership Alliance, or MLA, is a group of industry leaders dedicated to the growth and development of the boating industry. Made up of sixteen businesses that manufacture and supply marine products, the mission of the MLA is to provide a forum “to promote the exchange and advancement of marine industry issues, ideas and solutions.”


Every year the MLA hosts a conference for boatbuilders
with the goal of presenting innovative ideas and concepts applicable to the marine industry. Event Organizers
invite experts from a variety of disciplines with one thing
in common: they are forward thinkers who challenge boatbuilders to think “outside of the boat.” As a speaker at the 2016 Annual Conference, Cam shared information on
how generational differences affect workplace and sales strategies. He was so well received that when the MLA needed an emcee for their 2017 conference, the committee agreed that Cam’s quick thinking, professionalism and entertaining style made him the perfect choice. He was such a hit that they immediately asked him back for both their 2018 and 2019 conferences.


Prior to each conference, Cam reached out to the speakers
to gain an understanding of their presentations, teach them about the MLA audience and learn what they needed from him. Once on-site, Cam created smooth transitions between the speakers by connecting their content to each other’s. Cam was further prepared to facilitate the Q & A and succinctly summarize and wrap up the conference. According to Matt Peat, MLA President, Cam possesses the essential qualities of a moderator, host, and an emcee; he is knowledgeable, entertaining, engaging, and easily connects with an audience of all ages. Mr. Peat noted that Cam was approachable, comfortable, and familiar with the boating industry. Of the 120 boatbuilders and marine industry suppliers at the 2018 conference, 100% said they were glad they attended the conference and 100% plan to return next year, with many commenting on Cam’s participation as one of the highlights.