— Mark Lazzara
Director of Sales Training
Rust-Oleum Sales Group
It was some of the best training we’ve had. Cam was engaging and I’ve heard some of his terms used in our meetings with the leadership team. The information was some of the most beneficial.


About the client

Rust-Oleum was founded in 1921 after sea captain Robert Fergussen noticed places on his boat splashed by fish oil did not rust or corrode. This observation led to the development of the first paint which could prevent rust. Now the world’s largest producer of paint aerosols, Rust-Oleum sells over 1 million items per year and in 2015 reported revenues of $1 billion. Rust-Oleum prides itself on building relationships with their customers and strives to make customers happy and successful with their products.

Business need

Rust-Oleum has cultivated a strong sales force comprised of smart people who know their products. Their internal training programs are varied and impressive. When company leaders were asked what topic they wanted to address at their annual Sales and Leadership Training Meeting, they identified the need to connect with and sell to multigenerational customers. GenXers and Millennials are becoming major decison-makers in retail sales and, in keeping with Rust-Oleum’s history of innovation and strong customer relationships, they want to adapt to the changing consumer base and ensure they are connecting with their customers. After researching the topic, Rust-Oleum chose Cam Marston because of his enthusiasm and expertise on this topic.

Insight and impact

Cam presented a one-day “Selling Across Generations” seminar to 100 leaders at Rust-Oleum’s annual Sales and Leadership Training Meeting. The seminar provided insights into the differences in communication styles, key traits, and ways to connect with customers in all generations but focused particularly on GenXers and Millennials.

According to Mark Lazzara, Director of Sales Training, Cam’s presentation was not only informative and entertaining, it was an example of how to engage multi generations simultaneously. Cam used humor and personal anecdotes to connect with their multigenerational group quickly, easily, and effectively. Mr. Lazzara noted feedback from Cam’s presentation has been “out of this world, Cam was engaging and had people laughing out of the gate”. This knowledgable and seasoned sales force has given very positive feedback on not only the information Cam shared, but also the way he presented it.