— David McCormick
Practice Management
Education Manager
Cam was well prepared for our specialized audience. He asked the right questions and took it to heart –understanding the nuances of the veterinary world, using the right terminology. It was clear he did his work beforehand and was ready to focus on our target audience.

Western Veterinary Conference

About the client

Western Veterinary Conference (WVC) provides comprehensive continuing education to veterinary professionals and related groups in Las Vegas. International authorities and emerging speakers present  state-of-the-art, hands-on labs in a comfortable environment. At any given moment at the WVC, up to 20 different sessions are being presented to more than 14,000 veterinary professionals who, like medical doctors, are primarily trained in healing patients. WVC is an interactive educational opportunity and a networking event for the progressive veterinary community.

Business need

During its 85th Annual Conference, the WVC provided approximately 1000 hours of continuing education, covering a wide range of veterinary concerns including veterinary practice management. The goal of the practice management program is to provide content that is educational, eye-opening and thought-provoking. Based on a positive recommendation from someone who attended a partner event, Cam Marston was selected to teach a session on understanding generational differences.

Insight and impact

Practice management is an important area of the conference. It is critical that practice managers and owners understand how generational differences can impact the workplace. Building an inter-generational team to serve pets and pet owners well requires an understanding on how the different generations think and perceive the workplace. The generational issues that inform workplace dynamics also exist in the pet owning client base. This program included information on the generations as pet owners, and how the different generations define good service, and how to provide that service to them.

To meet the needs of this distinct audience, Cam commissioned research on pet ownership trends and used industry-specific information to further illustrate his points. Through the use of customized data and real-world examples, Cam provided a two-hour program that helped veterinary professionals understand how to manage a team comprised of multiple generations and how to engage a diverse client base.

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