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Cam Marston put the exclamation point on our Annual Meeting program that resulted in my members walking away with smiles on their faces and valuable information in their notebooks.  Cam provided the CEOs and senior executive of my member financial services organizations with a unique insight into the factors that impact the cultural DNA of Boomers, Gen X’ers, and Millennials, and offered them tangible and practical suggestions on ways to communicate effective marketing messages to each of these distinctive groups.  And he delivered his medicine with a healthy spoonful of humor, which made it all the more enjoyable for my members to digest.  I’d book him again in a heartbeat.


President/CEO , American Fraternal Alliance

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Engaging, Relevant, Informative. Tons of positive feedback from other attendees. It was very easy to relate to and visualize the generations as Cam described them. I will be using his strategies and insights in my next employee meeting and in future training with managers. Loved the humor-laughed because it was so true. He came across as an expert because of his research and fact based conclusions but also just like the rest of us because he faces the same challenges we do.


Franchisee, Culver’s Restaurants

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Cam delivered as our keynote speaker at our national HR meeting. His insights touched everyone and simply gave all who attended a better understanding of generational differences and nuances. Find your way to wherever he is and listen. You will be better for it.

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Cam’s presentation was thrilling. He has the ability to weave humor into actionable material – all of which hit home for everyone in the audience. We have received feedback from our attendees that Cam’s presentation and topic has made this event the best one we have held yet. He is a class act, not only was he gracious with his time afterwards with our audience, but he was delightful to work with leading up to the event. Very knowledgable and extremely talented in what he does. He has added value to our organization and to the clients we serve.


The Bank of Holland

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Thoroughly enjoyed the presentation. Very engaging and relevant. Painted me to a tee. We were all talking about the presentation afterwards and was an interesting topic of discussion over meals and at the party. I can see how understanding generational differences help us navigate how we approach patients as well as how to understand the marketplace. I would recommend Cam to others.

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Delightful, informative, hilarious, and very useful. Not to be missed by anyone dealing with the modern workplace in any form.

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We have found that General Insights has been an incredibly valuable tool in helping us understand how to create a more cohesive and productive workforce. I highly recommend Cam’s work for any organization looking to unlock the inevitable generational barriers that exist in today’s work place.

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Since Cam’s presentation over two months ago, not a single day passes without me overhearing someone within the company refer to generational differences – it has infused the mindset of our leadership team. This is a dramatic and effective shift in perspective. As a result, our younger employees are getting more involved with the company, increasingly taking ownership and demonstrating greater initiative. Cam has the ability to deliver a strong message of change to change- resistant minds, in a very non-threatening manner. He opened people’s eyes and had them asking themselves ‘what can I do to make this an even greater company?’ and then, most important, acting on it.

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Cam Marston provided our franchisees with actionable ideas about communicating with customers across the different generations that will translate into increased sales for those who put his simple, valuable message to work. Thank you for a fantastic presentation that was equally entertaining and educational…an all-around success!

Lincoln Financial Media

Your session on Selling to the Generations was one of the highest attended and one of the highest rated. Our audience just LOVED YOU. Your timely topic, delivered with your wit and style was thoroughly captivating. I’ve never received such an enormous outpouring of thanks.


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You were fabulous! Our group loved it! I am so pleased with the presentation. Your knowledge, insight, humor and energy kept everyone’s attention. The content was very relevant to the group. By relaying your personal life experiences, it made you ‘real’ to the attendees and not just a professional speaker.


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Our executives and their spouses found your presentation fun and informative. Our group included people in their late 20s to the early 60s and your presentation was of interest to all. Each person could identify with the different generation segments and found your assessments on point. Whether interacting with coworkers, family members, or individuals we encounter in everyday life, I gained new techniques for communicating with them, because I learned more about their way of thinking and what they value. Personally, it gave me insight into my own child’s generation; she is a Millennial. Thank you for such an enjoyable experience. It was time well-spent.

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Your quick wit and excellent presentation style created and maintained a high energy level and kept the audience captivated. You delivered a clear, simple message that hit home, provided actionable ideas to improve our overall communication across the generations, and will help us be more effective. No one who attended went away disappointed—job well done!



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“You were fabulous! Our group loved it! I am so pleased with the presentation. Your knowledge, insight, humor and energy kept everyone’s attention, The content was very relevant to the group. By relaying your personal life experience, it made you ‘real’ to the attendees and not just a professional speaker. ”