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Marquis Forge heard the call. Obeyed. And is now selling LOTS of water.

Posted On April 1, 2019

Heeding a call from God, Marquis Forge began a bottled water company in depressed Autaugaville, Alabama. Knowing nothing about the water business, and competing with Nestle, Coca-Cola, Dannon, and all the others, he was simply obeying God’s command. And whenever questions would arise or expertise was needed, the answers would show up. Sometimes literally. Just over a year old now, the product has distribution throughout the state of Alabama via Budweiser’s state-wide distribution network. It’s an amazing story. And, personally, I’ll never buy another brand of water again after hearing it. Incidentally, it’s the best water the testers have ever tried.

And, for what it’s worth, Autauga is a native American word meaning “good water”, which Marquis learned after starting the company. 

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2 thoughts on “Marquis Forge heard the call. Obeyed. And is now selling LOTS of water.”

  1. Lawrence says:

    Love the story and the product. Real people helping real people ????????

  2. Leon Henderson says:

    It’s the Real Deal Eleven86 Water. Mr. Forge is doing a great job. Please support Eleven86 Water!!!!

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