Needs in the Marketplace Survey

Generational Insights will be adding new things to our offerings in 2016. I’ll continue with the presentations, the columns, the video training packages and the blogs but we’ll be adding some very specific tactical training programs to be delivered by professional trainers I’ve met and worked with over the years. To get started we need your input to help us focus.

Below are several questions that will help us define the needs in the marketplace. Your five minutes of input will help us a great deal. We need to know where your pain is regarding generational issues in your workplace. And if there is something more you’d like to add, feel free to email me here.

I know what you’re thinking. Surveys are everywhere today. It’s hard to complete any transaction of any sort without someone seeking your feedback in survey form. Yet, here I am, asking for the same. It’s not much but if you make it to the end there is a small reward.

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