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Posted On February 22, 2021

Gregory Robinson Talks Ipe – a Hardwood Famous for its Hurricane Resilience

Ipe (pronounced EEE-pay) is known for its weight and density. It sinks. Used as waterfront decking, it survives the storms. Southern pine – the most popular decking material – floats, its buoyancy pulling it upward in a flood, tearing it from its attachments. Ipe suffers none of this, explaining the post hurricane footage showing scores of docks destroyed by the storm surge. The docks that remain nearly entirely intact? Likely constructed from ipe.

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Posted On February 15, 2021

Thom Shea – retired Navy Seal – now coaches execs to be the best version of themselves

Thom Shea asks his clients and his audiences what is the single thing that prevents them from being the best versions of themselves. Their answer, by a landslide, is drama. Drama in the workplace. Drama in the home. Drama with their kids and with their spouse. So Thom coaches them to deal with drama so their best version of themselves will be available to the world. Thom was a powerful leader in the Seals. He’s now a power leadership guide in the corporate world. 

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Posted On February 8, 2021

Adam Heisler Teaches Non-Traditional Baseball Skills in a City Steeped in Baseball Tradition

Adam Heisler uses technology to teach his students how to hit a baseball. The term “launch angle” is taboo in certain circles, but Adam stands behind the technology, the research supporting it and, most importantly, his student’s improved at bats. He talks about how he’s gone against the headwinds of tradition in a city with deep, deep baseball roots. 

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Posted On February 1, 2021

Louise McCown and Cliff Kennedy – Forty Under Forty Winners

Louise McCown and Cliff Kennedy are 2021 Forty Under Forty Winners from Mobile Bay Monthly’s annual tribute. Both lead impressive organizations and, at a young age, have impressive resumés. We talk about the lessons they’d give their younger selves and what those of us over fifty should know about the under forty leader. 

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Posted On January 18, 2021

Mike Adams Created a Way to Protect Spray Foam Insulation Buildings from Termites

Most termite companies want nothing to do with protecting buildings with spray foam insulation – termites go undetected under the foam, leaving the termite companies on the hook for the damages. Enter Mike Adams and E3 Termite and Pest Control and his custom solution to treating spray foam insulated buildings. His product has entered a market desperate for it. I should know. I hired his company for my home, heard his story, and said, “Please let me interview you on my radio show.”

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Posted On January 11, 2021

Devin Marks Coaches Experts to Deliver their Powerful Messages Powerfully.

Devin Marks has a recipe for delivering the spoken word powerfully. Story. Conflict. Resolution. Vulnerability. Empathy. Simplicity. Who new there was a method? Devin discovered the method and now teaches experts worldwide how to organize their message in such a way that audiences will NEVER forget what they heard.

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Posted On January 4, 2021

Jeff Butler is building a mid-century American furniture retail empire.

Covid forced Jeff Butler to change how he brought his furniture finds to market which began a banner year for Jeff and his team. He’s focused today on building his business to scale larger and larger and the top lesson he’s learned: sharing the pie will yield bigger results than keeping most of it for himself. 

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Posted On December 14, 2020

Holiday Trends in the Wine Business: A Chat with Jim Cox of Southern Napa Wines

Easy to get excited about recording a radio show when the guest starts pulling out corks before we’re even seated at our mics. Jim Cox is no stranger to teaching the neophyte to the most sophisticated palette how to enjoy wine. We discuss wine trends, his story, and how during Covid he and his team went through some reinvention that lead to one of the best years they’ve ever had.  

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Posted On December 7, 2020

Robert Tucker – A Peek into the Post-Pandemic Future

Robert Tucker is a futurist with insights into how our work world will look once normalcy has returned. He makes big predictions that will impact the way business functions. 

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Posted On November 30, 2020

Suzanne Massingill – Barefoot Model and Talent – Discovering the “it” factor

Suzanne learned her business by doing it at all levels. Moving to Mobile, she saw an opportunity in the market where she could provide models and actors for productions along the Gulf Coast. As the popularity of this region as a filming destination increased and Netflix and the like began their own productions, she got busy and remains so today. Learn what it takes to find and market talent and the most surprising things that talent wanna-be’s have to learn. 

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