Our communication preferences have a lot to do with our generation; with what we experienced when we were children and how we were raised. We were vulnerable and very impressionable and so much of who we are today comes as a result of those formative early years.  Our communication preferences were cemented as children and, for most of us, those same partialities are the ones we rely on today as leaders. 

We presume that others share our communication preferences; that others will want to exchange information the same way we do. Yet nothing could be further from the truth. Our preferences may be shared within our generation but it is unlikely that other generations around us feel the same way. Their coming of age experiences shaped them differently, and their inclinations are different. When we unwittingly only communicate the way we like to, and don’t take into consideration the preferences of the others around us, we will struggle as leaders. 

In today’s distracted world, with so much pulling at our attention at every moment of every day, our teams seek leaders who can cut through the clutter and get their messages through. Our teams seek leaders who are both empathetic and succinct. Who are both reliable and honorable. Each member of our team wants to boast that his or her boss “gets me.” And communication plays a big role in that. 

In twenty years of research, we’ve realized the extraordinary role generational communication preferences play in leadership. Some naturally empathic people quickly pick it up. Others learn eventually through trial and error. But our instruction and insights will flatten the learning curve. We’ll get you inside the preferences of each of the five generations so that you’ll know what each of your generations of employees needs from you. Some of our insights are obvious things hidden in plain sight. Other insights are a bit more in-depth and require explanation. Regardless, by the end of the presentation you’ll have the insights and easy-to-apply tactics to quickly see results and successfully lead your teams.

Note: Some of this content comes from our Leading Multi-Generational Teams half-day workshop which allows us to bring quick exercises into the presentation and enhance the take-aways. Exercise use is dependent on audience size.