Not only is Cam Marston a powerful speaker but he is also an exceptional Master of Ceremonies. A meeting planner’s dream, Cam’s emcee skills rival those of any comedian or other professional host:

Quick on his feet

– Cam’s wit inspires his audiences to laugh with him as he uses humor to make observations about the speakers and their content. Never making fun of anyone, only having fun with everyone.
Cam Marston, acclaimed author, columnist, blogger, and lecturer, is the leading expert on the impact of generational change and its effect on the marketplace.

Well read

– Cam’s passion is current events. He’ll tie conversations he has with audience members in with current news topics and industry-related content. Not political. Not polarizing. Just observant and insightful.

Stick to the plan

– Cam keeps the meeting on track.
On schedule. On topic. He is skilled at redirecting the dialogue in a panel to drive the subject at hand. He has no problem shutting down a Q & A session that has gone too long. He is comfortable tactfully approaching the speaker who was scheduled to wrap up 10 minutes ago but is still talking.

Yet Flexible

– A speaker is late. What to do? Cam can fill in with a timely presentation or discussion as long as needed. Need to put the morning speaker in the afternoon? A simple change of lineup is no problem. Food for the break is early, not here. No problem. He’ll give directions.


– Cam contacts all of the speakers prior to the event to learn about their presentations and how he can support them. Are there questions the speaker wants to plant? Are there topics the speaker needs to avoid? Cam will know and react as needed.


– After giving hundreds of presentations, there are but a few things Cam has not seen in his twenty years at client events. You’ll find him ready to step forward and do whatever it takes to keep the event on track. And he will blend into the background when he’s not needed. All for the success of the event. Whatever the client needs.

Bear in mind, Cam is an in-demand expert on generational trends in the workplace and marketplace and can offer special rate packages that combine his emcee work and a keynote.

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