Recruiting Millennials Speaker

We hear it all the time: “Our people are our greatest asset.” But finding good talent is hard to find and even harder to keep. How do you build your people assets? What do today’s employees want?

In today’s multigenerational workforce, Millennials want meaning in their work, the freedom to do it in their own time and, maybe, a ping-pong table.

Generation X wants openness, flexibility, and the space to do their work without “meaningless” interruptions.

Boomers want recognition, authority, accountability and colleagues who mirror their own definition of team: “If you need me, I’m there. And I expect the same from you.”

Matures, increasingly rare in today’s workplace, like rules and respect.

And the iGen (aka Gen Z) the generation following the Millennials? Much remains unknown but early indications suggest they want even more freedom, more attention, and a deep focus on who will teach and train them, when will it be done, and what will those skills lead to?

Each generation has something valuable to offer so every business needs to tailor their offers when recruiting Millenials, Xers, Boomers or Matures.

Retaining employees is far more cost-effective than recruiting and training new ones. This presentation profiles each generation of employee – what will get them on the clock and what will keep them ticking. Cam Marston will help you adapt your recruiting and retention program to suit the ambitions and goals of each generation, choose from the best that each has to offer and realize the full return on investment in your workforce.

Recruiting, training, experience, and institutional memory make your employees your most valuable assets. Effective multi-generational hiring and retention efforts will help ensure that those assets keep working for you and not for someone else.

  • This presentation can be customized to focus on one or two specific generations.
  • Worksheets are available for a quick 5-minute exercise to ensure take-away ideas and behaviors.
  • This workshop can be customized to use census data for recruiting purposes where available and appropriate.