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Posted On March 19, 2015


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Practical Solutions for Understanding and Engaging a Generationally Disconnected Workforce.

From “face time” to Facebook, each of the generations in the workforce today sees the world through a unique lens. What may seem like minor nuance at first glance is actually a fundamental difference in how they view the world. The result is a disconnected workforce with few areas of common ground. Managers are banging their heads against the wall and looking for ways to bring these different views together to achieve a common business goal.

Generational Insights gives managers, and employees, a look at how companies are bridging the gap and connecting generational norms with business demands. Cam Marston taps into more than a decade of experience researching the generational divide as well as working alongside companies large and small to identify solutions for the problems that arise when managers and employees are not speaking the same language – or worse, they are using the same words in completely different context.

Generational Insights goes beyond highlighting the differences to explain what businesses can do to resolve or embrace them to make a lasting impact on employee engagement and effectiveness. You will learn

  • The different, and often disparate, ways generations view the workplace and why that still matters;
  • The challenges associated with Gen Xers as they enter new life stages – both as parents and as managers;
  • The risk associated with the retirement of Boomer leaders who will take both their institutional wisdom and classic team-driven work ethics with them;
  • The challenges associated with Millennial workers as they leave prescribed worlds of home and college and move into a business world that is not designed specifically for them; and
  • Strategic initiatives and simple tactics that leading companies and forward-thinking managers are already using to overcome these challenges.

If you’ve ever thought “What’s wrong with kids these days?” or “Do we really need to meet to discuss this?” or “I’m your boss, not your parent” this is your book. Generational Insights will help you navigate the way from frustration to understanding to results.

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