How to Train Millennials – Downloadable eBook

Posted On March 19, 2015


A downloadable, 27 page step-by-step guide to inducting Millennials to your team.



A downloadable, 27 page step-by-step guide to inducting Millennials to your team.

Cam Marston applies generational insight to meeting the challenge of inducting our next generational wave of employees.

Millennials are now entering the workforce in droves. Indeed, in a few years, they will make up a majority of the workforce. And they have a lot to offer to employers who are generationally savvy. Training and inducting them is key. Millennials present unique challenges in every aspect of management, and training is no different. A training program that is adapted for these challenges will be more effective in preparing Millennials to be productive and valuable contributors to your team – and it will benefit your bottom line.

Chapter One: Here come the Millennials. Are you prepared to train them?
Who are the Millennials? What makes them tick? An introduction to America’s largest generation, the one that will staff the twenty-first century workplace.

Chapter Two: The Millennials Go to Work
The challenges that Millennials pose in recruiting and retention and for induction. What’s important to them, how do they choose jobs and careers, and what are their goals?

Chapter Three: Training and the Bottom Line
The value of training for productivity, performance, retention, and the bottom line, including the benefits to the employees. Why training is particularly valuable for Millennials.

Chapter Four: Adapting Training for the Millennial Mind
How to reorient your training program for the Millennial mindset – approaches that reach the next generation.

Chapter Five: How to Train Millennials
Hands-on teaching and training methods that work with Millennial learning styles.

Chapter Six: How to Mentor Millennials
Guidance, feedback, and access – how to establish a mentoring program that gives Millennials what they’re after.

Chapter Seven: Training the Twenty-First Century Workforce
Key takeaways to get your Millennial training program started.