Scott Tripoli – General Manager of Point Clear’s Iconic Grand Hotel

Posted On November 25, 2019

Scott Tripoli had to have the GM job at the 1000 room Hilton in Orlando to qualify for his current role as General Manager at the 400 room Grand Hotel in Pt Clear, Alabama. The high quality of guest expectations at the hotel can only be met by someone who has experienced the pressure cooker of managing big properties in Orlando, the “hospitality capital of the world.” Tripoli has guests return year after year, for generations, to experience the charm of the Grand. They know what to expect, they know what they like, and they count on Tripoli to deliver it year after year. He does, and he tells us how.

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3 thoughts on “Scott Tripoli – General Manager of Point Clear’s Iconic Grand Hotel”

  1. Donna Kimrey Wilburn says:

    So this gentleman is Jim..he is the gate attendant that works at the Grandtgv Hotel. When he learned it was my birthday he broke into a beautiful acappella rendition of the Happy Birthday song. He went out of his way to sing to me and make my birthday special. His song meant so much to me! Being constantly on the edge of tears with the thought of my dad in his final days…his soothing song made my heart soar! Thank you Jim! You made this girl forget for a moment! ❤❤❤

    1. What a wonderful story, Donna. Thanks so much for sharing. I’ll make sure Scott sees this. He’ll be thrilled to know his staff were so kind.

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